Obliteration Room

Welcome to the Obliteration Room. We're going dotty over the coming of spring. Read Post

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Image by Lilith Grace

Garden of Arcane Delights

A mid-winter trip to the Hamilton Gardens. Read Post

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Tribute - Dr Chris Ward

A photo blog in tribute of Capture and PAS regular Chris Ward. Read Post

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Image by Chris Ward

On the K

A weekend of it Read Post

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Sweet Jesus and Mary Chain

The Jesus and Mary Chain play Psychocandy, and other favourites, at the Powerstation. Read Post

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I Swear, It's True

Up Front by Emma Hart

There is a persistent myth among the kind of people I desperately try to avoid that swearing is a sign of low intelligence. Frequent swearing shows a lack of imagination and vocabulary. Fuck that noise. Research shows what people I…

Key peddles cynical “interest rate avenger” fantasy

Polity by Rob Salmond

This week in Parliament, John Key repeated one of the lines that looks to be central to its election campaign in 2017. As we’ll see, that word “lines” probably has one too many n’s in it. Anyway, here it is:…

Friday Music: The Gaffer Departs

Hard News by Russell Brown

My friend Simon Grigg this week announced something I've known for a while – that he's stepping down from his role as creative director at Audioculture. It is, literally, to spend more time with his family: Simon and his wife Brigid…

Orcon IRL on Journalism: The Video

Hard News by Russell Brown

We're talking a lot about journalism lately – and we're doing it because journalism is facing something approaching an existential crisis. But that's also the upside of the threat. We're talking about what journalism is  for in a way we tended…

Hekia's waynebrave

Polity by Rob Salmond

The Education Minister, Hekia Parata has form on having stupid ideas in public. Up to now, the most famous one was her idea that the public would love larger class sizes in schools. Turns out they didn’t, because they prefer…

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